Thursday, July 9, 2009


for today, it's about all things basic, looking fashionable and lovely! :D
the essentials in the wardrobe, for work, for play, and even for leisure.
girls, if you don't have this in your wardrobe, get them now!
for those who already has them, no harm getting variety! ;)


cardis are definitely essential. :)
with specs detailing making it chic and different from the normal!
Itsy Beadsy.
plain earrings looking chic here. :)
it's amazing how two simple beads can make you look elegant in a already bold outfit.

Seventh Day.
what is a wardrobe without a cincher?
looking sooooo chic and lovely here as well.

Hide & Chic.
a basic kimono, minus the bold prints. :)
not plain colors as well! dual prints makes it not so normal.

Frills Shoppe.
a basic sling bag, looking sleek and gorgeous here.
especially the white one!

Pearl Closet.
a basic kimono top again, but, this time, with embellishments to spruce it up!
of soft flowy material for a hot day as well.

a basic lace top, matched with sweet pink.
when this is paired with the basics like jeans, you will still look good to go although it's a laid back day!

a plain white dress, which looks beautiful.
this will make a good look for work, when paired with ultra sexy white killer stilettos. :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


today's theme is about everything clashing!
it is to make a statement when it comes to fashion pieces. :D
go crazy with colors and not to stay with them basics!
happy experimenting, loves!
LinkPearl Closet.
check out that clashing colors combo on this show stopping maxi!
even the bust area is well taken care of.
Pretty Ever After.
flags are now making into the fashion world as well!
this union jack here, well, gray version, looks good as an off-shoulder!

bronze always stands out.
the one which caught my eye is the sexy red one there! that really popped!

Vanity Dresser.
this dress looks like the dress for the future, yet, still so pretty!

with pocket details as well!

Shorty's Cup Of Tea.
i dont know why, but, this reminds me of those retro pieces which comes out of some MJ music vid! :D
clashing colors looking retro!

Monday, July 6, 2009

MC & GN collaborate!

these are among the many many things Midnight Carnivale is having in a clearance sale!
Midnight Carnivale has decided to join Gorgeous News and come up with a plan for you girls.
by being a Gorgeous News reader, when you purchase three pieces, not only will you get free postage, you will get a free gift as well! :D
how generous of her!
all you have to send to her is,
"Let's joing the carnivale looking oh so gorgeous!"
and you will get the free gift and postage as well!
yes girls, it's THAT simple!
HURRY ON OVER TO Midnight Carnivale now!


today, it's for those babes which love all things lux, and all things grand. :)
every single detail is well taken care of.
happy shopping girls!

Seventh Day.
bright summer yellow for this lovely piece.

it's really stunning as you can feel the elegance of this piece with the flowy toga style.

The Clothing Lines.
nothing is complete without accesories! black is always elegant as well!

beautiful cut out design with a pretty butterfly and abstract detailing.

Kaycie Store.
as everyone knows, the poodle is known for it's grace, and it's the most luxurious dogs since back in the 80's.

all the celebs own one and now you can have one around your neck! :D

Our Beauty Diary.
MAC is one of the most popular brands in the US and this is the barbie inspired version!

barbie + MAC = LUX!!

a very lux kimono piece here.
with the beautiful panel-ish designs printed in white on a black wonder.

Friday, July 3, 2009

today, it's all about all the gorgeous pieces, being absolutely different!
not the usual babies you get from every other blogshop!
oh my my.
it sure took me a while to just compile 5 different pieces.

bright, bold and different.
i saw this at other blogshops as well, but, more pricey.

Smashing Pit Stop.
go grecian goddess in this stunningly gorgeous number!

it's chic, sexy and in gold as well!

Hide and Chic.
different from those jumpers, aye?
beautiful frilled skirt at the bottom!

A Shopaholic Epitomist.
check out the back of this dress.

woot! definitely different.

The IT Girl.
the color combo clashes, which makes it different.

even the design is unique.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

from this day on, all my reviews will have themes! :D
for today, it will be all about things which are BOLD!
those pieces which makes guys & girls turn heads and eyes will follow!
these are for those babes, with the daring instinct instilled in them and don't mind some extra attention.
ready, spotlights are on you girls now. :)

i absolutely love love love this bag! :D
not doing too much prints and looks like a sexy kitten as well! RAWR!

hit the beach this summer with pretty straw hats!
three diff colors to choose from, loves!

Crazy Wardrobe.
polka dots, laces, bias cutting, gahh!
can't possibly resist this sweet number!

Poppy Love.
make a BIG BOLD statement with this wonder. :)

Girl About Town.
a not-so-formal blazer, aye?
adding a dash of chic-ness to it.

pink, white and studded.
this is the ultimate pretty in pink statement.

Feliz de Moda.
be the sunshine of the crowd with this baby.
definitely spruces up any day.

a corset-like bustline.
beautifully lined with purple flowers. *smiles*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this is one sweet baby, aye? :)
simple, purple and gorgeous.

sure looks pretty vintage in this number. :)
with the polka skirt and the pretty straw hat, ultimate summer look.

Windy Shopaholic.
pretty princess in this piece!
comes in two other colors as well!

Colors City Shop.
a blogshop selling buttons?
that's the first and this girl sure has some crafty talent, alright. :)