Thursday, July 9, 2009


for today, it's about all things basic, looking fashionable and lovely! :D
the essentials in the wardrobe, for work, for play, and even for leisure.
girls, if you don't have this in your wardrobe, get them now!
for those who already has them, no harm getting variety! ;)


cardis are definitely essential. :)
with specs detailing making it chic and different from the normal!
Itsy Beadsy.
plain earrings looking chic here. :)
it's amazing how two simple beads can make you look elegant in a already bold outfit.

Seventh Day.
what is a wardrobe without a cincher?
looking sooooo chic and lovely here as well.

Hide & Chic.
a basic kimono, minus the bold prints. :)
not plain colors as well! dual prints makes it not so normal.

Frills Shoppe.
a basic sling bag, looking sleek and gorgeous here.
especially the white one!

Pearl Closet.
a basic kimono top again, but, this time, with embellishments to spruce it up!
of soft flowy material for a hot day as well.

a basic lace top, matched with sweet pink.
when this is paired with the basics like jeans, you will still look good to go although it's a laid back day!

a plain white dress, which looks beautiful.
this will make a good look for work, when paired with ultra sexy white killer stilettos. :D

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