Tuesday, July 7, 2009


today's theme is about everything clashing!
it is to make a statement when it comes to fashion pieces. :D
go crazy with colors and not to stay with them basics!
happy experimenting, loves!
LinkPearl Closet.
check out that clashing colors combo on this show stopping maxi!
even the bust area is well taken care of.
Pretty Ever After.
flags are now making into the fashion world as well!
this union jack here, well, gray version, looks good as an off-shoulder!

bronze always stands out.
the one which caught my eye is the sexy red one there! that really popped!

Vanity Dresser.
this dress looks like the dress for the future, yet, still so pretty!

with pocket details as well!

Shorty's Cup Of Tea.
i dont know why, but, this reminds me of those retro pieces which comes out of some MJ music vid! :D
clashing colors looking retro!

1 comment:

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